Speakers: Ed Tibuzzi & James Kingman

Speakers: Ed Tibuzzi & James Kingman

    Ed Tibuzzi graduated from the Civil Engineering Faculty of Rome University in 2005, and joined AKTII in 2007, where he now leads their Computational Design Unit. He has a profound interest in parametric design, interoperable-modelling, multi-scale modelling of structures and multidisciplinary design. Since joining AKTII he has completed various projects, including the UK Pavilion at Shanghai 2010 Expo, the BMW Pavilion and Coca-Cola BeatBox Pavilion at the London 2012 Olympics, Birmingham New Street Station re-development, and Bloomberg’s London Headquarters.

    Ed has taught Architectural Technology at KTH in Stockholm and led various workshops at Tor Vergata University in Rome, UCL and Colgate University. He is a co-author of ‘Design Engineering Re-Focused’, recently published in the AD Smart03 series.

    James Kingman studied civil and structural engineering at the University of Leeds. He is currently a design engineer at AKT II where he has worked on a wide range of projects including commercial developments, long span tensile structures and innovative bridges. He has an interest in advanced analytical techniques including form-finding and optimisation and has gained practical experience of applying these to niche materials and structures including composites, polymers, inflatable structures and floating structures.

    James has published a number of academic works on applications of topology optimisation in structural engineering and also contributed to the AKT II publication ‘Design Engineering Re-Focused’. He has lectured at UCL and the University of Bristol.

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